RAID: Shadow Legends Gems & Silver Generator

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Follow these steps to generate gems or silver:

Go to the Generator page

Click the GENERATE button and we’ll take you to the place where “magic” is happening.

Connect your game account

First of all, we do not save the data you provide and of course we do not need your password!

Generate amount you need

Unfortunately, our resources aren’t infinite. We can fully satisfy around hundred visitors per day. Please, be fair and take only what you need today and come again tomorrow!

Reload your game

All resources will be available on your account after your next login.

Enjoy playing being whale!

End game gameplay

Raid Dragon

Dragon 20

RAID Clan Boss

Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss

RAID Arena

Platinum Arena

About Free RAID: Shadow Legends generator

RAID: Shadow Legends is a role-playing game where you have access to a couple of hundreds of unique heroes from 16 factions. Every hero has his own unique set of skills, stats and strategies to play most effectively. Numerous variations of equipping strategies, awesome graphics and effects, the variability of fighting scenarios and significant rewards for progression. All that will be waiting for you if you decide to immerse yourself in the world of Teleria.

Here we prepare some RAID: Shadow Legends tips and tricks every aspect of the game

How can I get my RAID: Shadow Legends gems and/or silver?

To receive free gems and silver, all you have to do leave your nickname or Plarium ID on Generator page, choose the amount you need for today, as we have some limitations for users and limit it by 5,000 gems and 10,000,000 of silver per day.

Also, the system might offer you to complete some simple offers from our partners. It made to prevent bot activity and keep this service alive.

We have gifted over $35,000 worth of gems and silver since 2019 and we want you to have your share!

What can I do with my Silver and Gems and where do I get those from?

The silver coins are a fundamental element of the game, you will need them to be able to pay for fusions, summoning, accending, skills upgrading but most silver goes to equipment enchantment. You may spend from 500,000 to 1,500,000 of silver to upgrade a 6 stars shield to +16.

There are few ways to get silver in RAID. The best of which, and most common, is a farming campaign (12-3 is the most popular way for farming silver). After the day of the farm don’t forget to sell all these shields!
Little amount of silver comes from tournaments, events and dungeouns. But you wouldn’t have those as your main sources of silver for sure.

Gems in RAID: Shadow Legends are a very rare currency. We get it from gem mine (if you chose to invest in here), day, week, month quests, tournaments and events, as arena rank reward, from dungeons.
However, it will always be a very small amount of those and you always have to wait weeks or even months to let you buy something expensive.