RAID: Beginner tips

Daily quests

RAID has a lot of ways to keep players busy every day. One of them is Daily quest which is part of Weekly quests which is part of Monthly quests. Yeah. And by completing easy tasks you’ll get a pretty sweet boost to your account.

RAID: Shadow Legends Daily quests

Make a rule for yourself – First thing to do in the morning is to complete Daily quests.


In the beginning, you won’t have a lot of gear to choose from. But with your progression, your collections will grow. And to clear hight level dungeon, you will need to gear your champions proper. A common mistake among new players is using Gauntles and Chestplate with flat stats on it. When in the beginning it does not make much influence and even gives a certain advantage, starting from the mid-game the percentage gives a bigger impact on stats.

RAID: Shadow Legends gear

For Boots, in 98% cases speed would be the best choice as a base stat.

For Chestplate – ATK %, DEF % or HP%. Based on the role of the champion. In rare cases, you can put ACC Chestplate on your support to land debuffs more consistently.

For Gauntlets – Crit rate, Crit Damage, HP % or DEF %. It should never be an ATK % or flat stat.


Shards in RAID

If you are a beginner who wants to get all cool champions ASAP it would be hard for you to keep this brand new Ancient, Void or even Sacred shard in storage… Still, I’m asking you to do it.

You shouldn’t open those rare shards as soon as you get them.

You can get more value by keeping shards until double chances event comes up.

Plarium makes them pretty much every two weeks.

At this period you can open shards with higher chances to get epics and legendaries, plus earn points on the event and get more rewards for it.

Skill books

RAID: Shadow Legends tomes
RAID: Shadow Legends tomes

Imagine. You’ve got this cool rare (Coldheart, for example), you testing her out and feel like she can perform better. Oh, wait, her skills aren’t booked yet! Here you need to stop and evaluate all cons and pros. In this example – Coldheart is one of the best rare and she is definitely worth spending books on her. In other cases, you should test it for a few days, watch some videos, and then make a decision.

I tell you that because, in the beginning, you will get tons (!) of Rare skill books. And you might think you will always have enough of blue books. Nah! That’s a trap! Later on, if you don’t spend real money, you get the only random book once per week.

And even more importantly.

Do not ever spend Epic skill books on Rare champion. No matter how much you like this champ. Epic books are ten times harder to get than Rare ones.

I won’t even tell you how valuable Legendary tomes are…


If you want to enjoy RAID: Shadow Legends for as long as possible, you have to progress fast. If you stuck on some mid-level dungeon or campaign stage, you will perform worse than you could.
To progress you need two things:

  • good champions
  • max levels on them

If you have this, you can farm better gear, you can farm Arena, you can farm Clan boss, you can farm Crypts.

What new players do?

They try to upgrade all champions they like to make different teams for different situations. I know this. I did this.

What new players should do?

Choose a few champions who will do their job in different locations. Move from “situational” strategy with different teams for different situations to “versatility” strategy, where almost the same champions will be in most scenarios.

To build such team you need to choose champions who can fill these roles:

  • Speed\Turn meter booster (Hight Khatun, Apothecary, Diabolist)
  • Buffer (Mausoleum Mage, Gorgorab, Valery)
  • Debuffer (Warmaiden, Bellower)
  • Damage dealer (Kael, Elhain)
  • Healer (Apothecary, Vrask, Thenasil)
RAID: Shadow Legends team composition

When you fill these roles with good champions and put energy to make them 6 star, you will progress through all of the content simultaneously looking for a better fit for some roles. Just make this team shine!

You can thank me later 😉

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