The game currency in RAID: Shadow Legends is represented by 4 options.

Let’s stop at each of them:


It takes time to recover on your own. Spends on campaign and dungeons. It’s a pretty standard game currency, which limits the ability of players to farm on a continuous basis.

Arena Tokens

Just like energy, they regenerate themselves. It takes time. A player can have up to 10 Tokens in stock. This is the currency for the arena battles. Tokens are running out – attempts are running out.
There are also Tag team arena tokens that refill only once per day. Therefore, you can fight not more than 10 times per day, if not take gems into consideration.


It drops out in campaign, dungeons as a reward for quests and from selling stuff. The currency is necessary for any actions with champions (like ascending, upgrading skills, fusions, etc.).


Premium currency. Can be acquired from quests, tasks, events but in very small quantities.
Gems can also be obtained for the donation. The player can use it at his discretion: to buy shards, XP boosters, resources, silver or artifacts. The goal is to speed up the progression in the game.

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