Affinity hits


How does it affect a RAID: Shadow Legends champion’s skills? Affinity is one of the main characteristics that affects the champion’s skills, as well as their damage during battle.All Heroes in RAID: Shadow Legends belong to one of the four Styles: Force, Magic, Spirit or Void. Each of them has a certain advantage. Force (Red) … Read more

Update 2.30

Update 2.30

Hello, Raiders! The new release is very soon, and I want to tell you about the changes you will see in this patch. Halloween is coming, and four terrifying champions will bring the spirit of the holiday to the battlefields. Elegaius, will be available in the Halloween Collection of Heroes Particles. Also, the new mighty … Read more


Update 2.21

Rare Skill Tomes removed from Gold Tier Arena reward chests and Nightmare/Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss reward chests 22 new champions in a pull.

Game currency


The game currency in RAID: Shadow Legends is represented by 4 options. Let’s stop at each of them: Energy It takes time to recover on your own. Spends on campaign and dungeons. It’s a pretty standard game currency, which limits the ability of players to farm on a continuous basis. Arena Tokens Just like energy, … Read more

RAID Shadow Legends beginner guide

RAID: Beginner tips

Daily quests RAID has a lot of ways to keep players busy every day. One of them is Daily quest which is part of Weekly quests which is part of Monthly quests. Yeah. And by completing easy tasks you’ll get a pretty sweet boost to your account. Make a rule for yourself – First thing … Read more