How does it affect a RAID: Shadow Legends champion’s skills?

Affinity is one of the main characteristics that affects the champion’s skills, as well as their damage during battle.
All Heroes in RAID: Shadow Legends belong to one of the four Styles: Force, Magic, Spirit or Void.

Each of them has a certain advantage.

  • Force (Red) is stronger than Magic (Blue).
  • Magic (Blue) is stronger than Spirit (Green)
  • Spirit (Green) is stronger than Force (Red)
  • Void (Purple) is neutral

You can learn more about these interactions in the Champion Affitinies video.

How does an Affinity influence a Hero’s attack?

If an attacker has an Affinity advantage, he gets:

  • 30% chance to take a Strong Strike
  • His chance to take a Critical Hit increases (+15%).

When the attacking Hero has a weaker Element:

  • damage is reduced by 20%.
  • 35% chance to make a Weak Hit
  • Critical Hit has a 15% decrease (+15% chance to hit).

What kind of hit exists in RAID?

Weak hit – decreases damage by 30% (including bonuses). The hero is also unable to activate certain effects (e.g. Shield). The exceptions are Damage and Healing.

Normal hit is neutral.

Strong hit – deals 30% more additional damage.

Critical hit – damage increases by an amount equal to the Critical Damage bonus. If the attacking Hero has it 100% and the Attack index is 1500, then the Critical hit is calculated as follows:
2500 + (2500 * 100%) = 5000 damage.

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