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Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile online role-playing game in which you have to collect heroes and lead them into battle. This guide is designed mostly for beginners, for whom it is important not to miss anything for fast progression. What you should know about in advance, read next.

If you are looking for most advanced Tips and Guides come to the Knowledge section.

1. Best starter hero

To decide who to choose at the start of the game, you must carefully consider your priorities. Some of the champions are better at the early game, while others remain viable options even in the end-game. I prefer the last option, but if you don’t agree with my opinion, then choose the one you like. The game should be fun in the first place!



According to most experienced players, and me as well, Kael is the best choice at the start.

What are his advantages over other champions?

There are two of them – universality and relevance till the late game.

He can be viable up till 20 level Dungeons

His stats are not the best, but he has nice bonuses like turn meter boost from killing with A2 (helps in the dungeons, on the spider, in the arena). He has poison on TWO skills (helps a lot with the Clan boss up to Nightmare).

You can make him tanky for Clan boss and Dungeons or do burst damage in Arena.

Kael does best instant damage with his A2 (along with Elhain) among other starter champs.

All this makes Kael useful in almost every battle! I can’t say same about any other starter champion.



Elhain is really really solid. She is amazing at the beginning and mid-game. And still can be useful in the late game.
She does so much damage that people use her at first two Clan bosses, even though she does not provide any buffs, debuffs or poison.

In late game, after you get faster Campaign/Dungeon farmer you can rebuild move her into support/DD role with stun set on her.

Very solid champion. If you choose her, you will have good damage dealer in your team that can help you progress through RAID content. The only parameter she loses to Kael is poison attacks. And because Clan boss is a such important most players choose Kael over Elhain.

She does so much damage that people use her at first two Clan bosses, even though she does not provide any buffs, debuffs or poison.
In late game, after you get faster Campaign/Dungeon farmer you can rebuild her into support/DD role with stun set on her.



Honored third place.

If you invest time and resources into upgrading and focusing on Athel you can get champion viable even in late-game. Especially against Clan boss and Fire Knight.

She does more damage than Kael in the Early game. But when you start fighting against bosses with more HP, poison comes to the scene and Athel moving to the support/DD role with her Weaken debuff.

I like her animations most of ALL champions in the game. And if you are like me, whatching her A1 remembering good old Lineage II hero – Shillien Knight, pick her and have fun!


Overall, Galek is a good champion.
He has good stats, great AOE skill, decrease def/4hit damaging skill… What else should a good rare champion need?

But when you start looking where to fit him, you will always have someone who does this job better.
A2 AOE good in Campaign and Dungeons.
A3 Decrease Defence good against bosses.

Orc is good at early levels of the game, but not so useful when the player moves on. Galek’s skills are narrowly focused on inflicting damage. Chances of surviving to the end of the round are low. Debuffs are weak and will not help against strong enemies.

2. Free champions that can help to progress faster


Warmaiden is one of the best rare champion who can be usable even in late game as your main Decrease defence debuffer.

You can use her on Dragon 20. What she does is landing the strong version of decrease defense on a three-turn cooldown. That’s exactly what we’re looking for and it has a 100% chance of landing. Providing her accuracy high enough you will push her usability to the maximum.

Warmaiden does have a pretty good multipliers on her attacks she’s really good for a rare so she can be a d buffer/nuker for your team.



Spirithost is a solid hero till the mid game.

She has speed in all battles aura, so that works outside of dungeons as well. On the A1 she has heal by 50% of the damage inflicted. Not too bad. On the a2 she has increase attack buff on all allies for two turns. It’s gonna help your damage dealers significantly. She also has a full cleanse – removes all debuffs on all allies and then places a block debuffs buff for one turn.

RAID: Shadow Legends - Spirit Host

High Khatun

You can get High Khatun as a 30-day login reward and she is gonna help you a lot! She has +19% speed in all battles aura. She can boos speed of all allies with her A2, decrese speed with her A1 and even decrese turn meter of all enemies with her A3.

You want her as fast as possible to maximise her output.


Scyl of the Drakes

Scyl of the Drakes is another daily login reward, but for 180-day login rewward, so you will have to wait for a while.
She has a heal of all allies as a passive.
She has reviev with 50% hp and ally protection on them for two
She has mass stun with good chance.
She has random speed buff on ally.
She has decrese speed debuff along with decrese turn meter on her A1.
And she provide very solid damage as for close to support role.
What else do you need?

Scyl of the Drakes


Cherry on the cake, which can be obtained by completing all the missions of development ie Arbiter – the legendary hero of the faction of the highest elves like support.

The third skill fills the team’s stroke scale by 30% and applies a 50% attack bonus for two turns, healing the team for 25% of their maximum health if they had less than 50% health.

There is an aura of speeding up allies on the arena for 30%.

There is a weakening on A1. Decrease of the bufs time on enemies on A2.

Resurrection on A4.

Which makes us a hint that the developers, when they created this champion, saw her in the arena, but she’s so good that she’s used everywhere.
There isn’t a single place in the game and wherever it can’t be used, the only question is which characters you need to put in with her.


3. Farm:

▹ Campaign (XP & Silver)

12-3 Campaign

Campaign is the first location where player tries his power. Its completion plays a very important role because here each player can get the necessary artifacts, farm the silver and food.

Also on the Campaign map at the bottom there is a scale of progress, separate for each mode of complexity. When receiving stars for passing Stages player receives special awards, among which there are Shards and Gems.

The first fact that every player must know when farming Campaign that any starting hero, whether it is Kael, Ethel, Elhain or Galek, with sufficient approach, is able to close all levels of the Campaign for three stars in the first three difficulties. This is important to know, because the Campaign, after its full passage, is used primarily for farming food. As for the Nightmare mode complexity, it is much more difficult to pass than the Brutal. To pass it requires a very strong pack of heroes, aimed on control and speed. However, there are some tricks, such as passing the Nightmare stages using the Paragon.

▹ Dungeons (Artifacts)

Ice Golem

Boss’s skills:

Frost Nova – Usual AoE attack.
Numbing Chill – AoE attack. Places a 50% Accuracy Penalty on opponents for 2 turns. Cooldown 4 turns.
Frigid Vengeance (passive) – When the boss’s health falls below 80%, 60%, 45%, 30% and 15%, he does an AoE attack, resurrecting minions with 100% health. Also, for every living minion he ignores 50% of the defense of every member of your team. He has a 20% chance to freeze his opponent for 1 turn. The chance of freezing the enemy, for every living minion, increases by 40%.

Right bot – reduces your defense
Left bot – deals moderate damage and place Heal reduction debuff


Players often underestimate this boss. He is very easy on the first levels, so that you can simply ignore some of his skills. But at higher levels he becomes very difficult. His passive skill will cause VERY much damage in case of living allies and without proper approach the team will not last long.


  • Always kill minions. Believe me, you don’t need an extra Decrease defense or Heal reduction debuff on yoursel.
  • Be careful with heroes who have a counterattack. They can provoke his passive skills and you will receive a boss attack when you are not ready for it.
  • The resurrection block. A rather rare ability, but it is very good to have it here. Putting a resurrection block on the minions is an excellent tactic, but as mentioned earlier, it is a very rare ability.


Boss’s skills:

Swipe – AoE attack. Reduces the enemy attack for 50% by 2 turns.
Wall of Fire – AoE attack. Enemies get two 5% poison stacks for 3 turns. Also enemies get a 25% Weakness for 2 turns. The skill has 3 turns cooldown.
Inhale – dragon gets access to the hidden skill “Scorch”. 3 turns cooldown.
Scorch – AoE attack. Stuns an enemy team for 1 turm. Provided that if the boss is inflicted a lot of damage, the skill will not work.

It is not mentioned anywhere, but the boss is immune to speed fines and downgrades of the turn scale.


Battle with the boss is a race of damage. If you can knock down his hidden skill, you won’t have any problems. And if not, then your team will need to restore a lot of health.


  • Raise your damage. Use the Weakness and Decrease defensea on the first move when he’s not yet using the Incineration, so you can do more damage when he starts using it.
  • Be survivable. If your team doesn’t have much damage, but it’s “tank” enough and has good healing, you can just survive the Ash. But in this case, pay attention to the fact that you will need just as much health.

Fire Knight

The Fire Knight is probably one of the hardest bosses. If you do not have a team made specifically for this boss, it will be almost impossible to pass it.

Boss’s skills:

Searing storm – AoE attack. (After level 7, it reduces the maximum health of enemies by 15% of the damage dealt).
Dazzling flames – AoE attack. Slows opponents by 30% for 3 turns.
Cloak of Fire (passive) – Before the battle, imposes its own shield, which reduces all incoming damage by 80% and does not allow to impose debuffs on him. It can not be removed with the abilities. The power of the shield is reduced after each strike. If the boss has been hit with a sufficient number of hits, the shield is removed. However, if Fire Knight starts his turn with active shield, he will attack all his opponents. The attack of the boss reduces the maximum health of each of the enemies. Also at the beginning of each turn, boss heals. Boss health heal and damage power depends on how strong the shield is at a given moment.
Until you break the shield, the Fire Knight is essentially invincible.


At levels 1 to 6 it is easy enough to break the shield. It takes only 5 strikes, and you just have 5 champions. For levels 7 to 15 it becomes more difficult. It already requires 10 strikes.

Keep in mind that the shield counts “hits”, not “attacks”. Some champions hit with one attack several times and that’s exactly what you need.


  • Multiply the attacks. Use champions with several attacks in one skill.
  • Counterattack. Champions with counterattack is a great way to remove the shield faster. The boss hits at the beginning, which means that the counterattack will already get several hits on the shield.
    Reduce the speed and scale of the boss. Yes, when his shield is active it is impossible to place debuffs on him. But when it is removed, you can place decrease speed debuff on it and slow it down in a vulnerable state.
  • Reflect the damage. When the boss hits all enemies with an attack, he’ll get 5 strikes in return with this buff on. This is not as good as a counterattack, but why not?

▹ Spider (Accessories)

Spider’s Den – a location that allows to farm accessories. The location contains 20 levels with growing complexity and increasing reward.

There are no waves in Spider’s Den, which are typical for Dragon’s Lair, Fire Knight’s Castle and other dungeons. But this is more than compensated by Spider’s minions – small spiders that can cause a lot of trouble.

Skills of the Spider:
Venom spray. Attack all enemies. Enemies that have poison on them get more damage.

Enfeeble. Attack all enemies. Reduces the turn meter with a certain chance.

Spiderling horde. Passive skill. Summon 6 spiders at the beginning of the round. Summon spiders at the beginning of each champions’ turn. Summon 4 spiders at the end of a turn. It can have up to 10 spiders at a time. At the beginning of each turn she devours the remaining spiders. If she devours spiders during the current turn, she will not do it on the next turn. For each absorbed spider, it restores 3% of its maximum health and increases the attack by 10%.

Also she has resistans to the Heal reduction debuff and receives less damage from the poison.

Motivation. Rewards.
For passing each level of the Spider’s Den, the player can receive accessories. In addition, a player can get XP Brew, silver, as well as Mystery and Ancient Shrads. The accessories are a rather rare resource of the game, so the Spider’s Den is the most reliable way to get them.

Overview of tactics in the Spider’s Den

As in many other locations, speed plays an important role in the fight against Spider. It is important to strike as many hits as possible before the Spider makes the next move and applies his skills. To strengthen the attack you should use Decrease defense and Weakness. Buffs of Attack, Speed and Counterattack can also be useful.

To increase the survivability of a pack, you can take allies in the team who can place Decrease Attack Debuff and Speed Debuff, as well as buffs of Defense and Shield.

▹ Faction wars (Glyphs)


Each crypt has 21 levels, but it will not be easy to pass them.

On levels 7, 14, and 21 you will also have to face one of the strongest bosses of Theleria, the Guards of the Crypt.

These are unique fights, which become stronger as you move forward. You will need adapt teams to win.


Crypts are open and close every day at 0:00 UTC. Each Crypt will be available for 24 hours during a 6 day period.

The Crypts are opened in pairs, which means that two of them will be available to you at any moment. They open in random order, so each 6-day cycle will be different from the previous one.


When the Crypts are opened, you will get 12 keys for each.

They are needed to fight at faction wars, and if you lose the battle, you don’t lose the key. Accordingly, you will spend the keys only on successful battles.


You will receive special items – Glyphs – for passing Crypt levels. They allow you to enchant Artifacts and improve their additional parameters.

Glyphs drops randomly and are not associated with any particular Cripts. This means that you can get any Glyph in any Crypt.


From patch 2.2. you also get Materials from Faction wars. It is used when crafting unique artefacts in Forge. 

Further you progress in Faction wars the better quality Matherials you get and thet lead to better rarity of artefacts created in Forge.

▹ Keeps (Potions)

The main purpose of the Keeps(citadels) is the potions that enhance the original characteristics of the champions. There are 5 types of potions in total: one common and one for each element.

Recommendation about potions: for small and medium potions it is better to farm level 11 (there is no sense to waste energy on more difficult levels), for large potions – not less than 13th.

Arcane Keep

The easiest and most visited Keep as the potions are necessary for all champions.

The citadel is open all days of the week.

Attacks all enemies. Hits 75% stronger if there are no buffs, gives himself a 30% speed bonus and 60% defense bonus for 2 turns;

Left bot – Decrese ATK by 50% on whole team;
Right bot – Removes all buffs.


Required heroes who place mass buffs on other champions. Suitable any buffs, the main thing is to keep them on constantly, then the boss will hit weakly and you can kill him easily.

To make the buffs stay, you need to kill the right bot. Just after you kill him, the boss will not hit hard, and you can survive the attack penalty.

Spirit Keep

Opens on Monday and Thursday

Heal at 20% each turn (at stage 7, the healingis increased to 50%), place a block of debuffs and remove all debuffs from itself. The more HP she has, the more damage she does;

Left bot – Mass stun
Right bot – Mass 50% Accuracy debuff


It is necessary to have heroes who has Healing reduction debuff (preferably from 2 champions), and remove buffs. You need champions with buffs of deffense, speed, or shield, and supports.

Magic Keep

Opens on Wednesday and Saturday

Shield on 3 turns, speed buff +30%, attack +50% and defense +60%. The strength of the shield is equal to the boss’ maximum health;

With a 20% chance, reduces the target’s turn meter by 50%.

For each buff received, the damage of the boss is increased by 25%;

At the beginning of the battle he gets the Shield for 3 turns, which is equal to the Max health of the boss.

Left bot – decrese defense by 60%;
Right bot –  gives a block of debuffs to the boss.


Initially, focus the left bot as soon as possible to kill it. For the battle need champions with block buffs debuff and have the skill to steal buffs.

Force Keep

Opening Days: Friday and Tuesday.

1 skill – with a chance of 60% attack debuff by 50% for 2 turns. The second skill, with a chance of 50% imposes stun. These debuffs can not be resisted.

Passive skill – increase the defense to 1500 (from 7 difficulty level 4000);

Left bot – mass 100% Heal reduction debuff
Right bot – 60% defense buff on boss


Kill the left bot first, as the penalty for treatment is a terrible thing. Then, already the right one and the boss.

Fit the heroes who reduce the defense and remove the negative effects. In a battle, it is good to have a powerful healer and turn meter booster, like Diabolist or Apothecary.

Void Keep

It is open only on Sunday.

Applies 2 poisons 5% to the enemies for 3 turns. This debuff cannot be resisted;

Left bot – weakness 25%;
Right bot – buffs block debuff.


The best solution will be champions who cleans the negative effects, champions with a block damage and invulnerability buffs.

First kill the right bot, because the block of buffs can have a bad effect on the battle.
The main task here is to increase survivability. For this task will be suitable 2 supports, which will heal the team after the poison. Do not forget champions that boost turn meter.

4. Masteries

There are three branches of masteries in RAID that are responsible for the attack, defense and support.


Masteries from the Offense branch increase the attack or give the heroes the appropriate advantages in combat. For example, the first two talents increase the attack or critical chance. But then it becomes more interesting!

Mastery “Kill Streak” gives a good bonus to speed for each killed enemy. And it is not reset in a new round, so keep it in mind for PvE-locations. Talent “Blood Shield” once pre turn gives a bonus Shield of 15% of the maximum health of the hero for a killed enemy. Not a bad bonus for heroes with strong attack and poor health.

And at the end you can choose one super talent. In the case of the attacking branch, this will increase critical damage, a chance to ignore part of the enemy defense or a chance to inflict additional damage depending on the maximum health of the target. This last feature will be very useful for a clan boss campaign.



There are many masteries that increase accuracy. For example, “Pinpoint Accuracy“, “Charged Focus” and “Swarm Smitter“. They will be perfect if you want the hero with a high probability to place a debuff.

There is also the talent of “Lore of steel“, which enhances the bonuses of life sets, attack, critical chance and others. It will be useful for any champion.

And the last row of the branch gives a significant bonus to health or accuracy, a bonus to the boost turn meter when the health of an ally falls below 25%, or fills turn meter for each debuff placed. This way, the champion will walk more often.

As you can see, some of these masteries will perfectly complement the features of any hero in the setup. And it does not matter what role he has: support, nuker or tank.



The branch of Defense is no less interesting. Its talents will not only make your heroes stronger, but also affect the whole team. By the way, it will also help to increase your resistance. Some masteries, such as “Rejuvenation“, allow you to get additional Heal and Shield.

Others, such as “Mighty Endurance“, reduce the income damage if the hero has some debuffs on. For champions that give bonuses to allies, “Solidarity” talent will be perfect, as it increases resistance by 5 for each buff placed.

Selfless Defender” will allow the hero to take 20% of the damage from the first strike each round. Needless to say, in this way you will allow heroes with high health or protection to cover up weaker allies.

Cycle of Revenge” is just a cool talent that gives you a chance to fill the scale when your allies take a critical hit.

The last row of defense lets you choose between significant bonuses to defense or resistance, the ability to take 5% of allied damage and an increased chance to place debuffs such as Stun, Freez, and others – and this applies to debuffs from skills and artefacts.


5. Clan Boss Fundamentals

The biggest and best part of belonging to a Clan in RAID: Shadow Legends is the Clan Boss, which is available to everyone who joins a Clan.

A failure in Clan Boss is obvious. Your goal here is to do as much damage as you can before the boss kills you.

You have to fight Clan Boss using this formula:

More turns = More damage

RAID: Shadow Legends Clan boss
RAID: Shadow Legends Clan boss

At low-level Clan bosses, you can get top tier rewards by only making your team fast and hitting hard.

But most of your damage to Clan Boss has to come from damage over time skills(Poison, HP burn) and skills based on enemy max HP(or masteries – Giant slayer, Warmaster). Nevertheless, the boss has a passive that reduces the incoming damage, they still have the most effective results.

Only few abilities will benefit from more attack power at Clan boss. Damage for poison and HP burn scale on enemy max HP only, so you do not need to increase the attacking abilities of your champions and better concentrate on their survivability.

You can get more turns by either being faster, or lasting longer. And you generally want to do both keeping Speed buffer/Turn meter booster champion in your clan boss team.

Lifesteal gear can help your team survive longer.